As a foster home we are normally supported by and provided supplies by the rescue we volunteer for. But often, purchases of things like high-quality kitten formula, wet and dry food, or even cat toys come from our own pockets in order to make sure our fosters are the healthiest, happiest kittens they can be.

 We don't rely solely on donations; regardless we would budget to make sure each foster kitten is fed, warm, happy and healthy.

 But charitable donations of supplies such as food, toys, and even cleaning supplies like litter baggies help us to redirect our funds to more expensive things such as emergency vet care and medications. Things that rescues often cannot easily afford to provide.


Donations of toys and playthings are always appreciated. Plastic or easily sterilized toys are wonderful, as we try to maintain quarantine for new fosters to limit exposure to surface & air borne contagions until their immune system is developed. If you don't see any soft or fabric toys in the kitten room, it's simply because soft toys are more difficult to throw in the washing machine without falling apart.

 In order to give our fosters the best possible start to life in their new homes, we usually gift them a care package of their favorite toys; to have something familiar to smell and play with while they adjust to their new environment. Because of this, we're constantly running out of toys, so new ones are always welcome!

Profits from purchases made in our Etsy store support our fostering efforts!