If you'd like to help us find these deserving kittens some awesome homes; please consider sharing the livestream link and / or reblogging / reposting on social media such a facebook, twitter, etc!

You can also check out our Donate page to find out how to help the foster kittens & our rescue with supplies or monetary donations for vet and medical services!

You can watch some of the unboxing videos we've put together so far of donations from Honor List viewers!

 We appreciate ALL the support and help we get; from reblogging or reposting the links to the livestream, sharing pictures, or even just word of mouth, we owe you all!

Our main goal is to get a wonderful loving home for each of the kittens we foster. You can help us, by sharing the kittens with your friends and family. You might end up being responsible for saving a life and finding someone their new best furry friend.

And a huge thank you to our financial supporters! 100% of your paypal donations go towards vet bills, medication, and sterilization surgeries, and the occasional bag of cat food or new jingle toy!

Thank you SO MUCH to our many supporters, and a huge thanks

especially to those who have helped support us by donating to the kittens via their Amazon Wishlist!


We are working on editing all the many unboxing videos, but we want to

extend our heartfelt gratitude to our donors:



Shawn F.

Jeff G.

Cynthia A. O. aka MsRedsphere





Anna N. aka CTF

Kelsei C.

Zachary C. aka Budder

Margo P.

Jenni J.

Alan T.

Penn Z.

Ralf K.

Ali V.

C & D.J. at KittenAcademy

Gena & Dave

Linda R.

Dinosaur Fan

Eleanor aka Miri

Jennifer & Jonathan M

Chandra B.

Jerry H.

Trevor E.

Mama B.

Leda & Johnny H.

Marika C.




Sofia P.

Katelyn S.

Jenna D.

Dena A.

Jamie G.

SJ & J Soaps

Diana H.

Maxence B.

Verity O.

Sanna P.

Bethany R.

Karina M.

Kiera S.

Natalie B.

Melinda W.

Makayla G.

Madeline J.

Raquel N.

Irish Badass


The following donors have sponsored spay / neuter surgeries, and shelter pull fees!

Ali V.

Alan T.

Edge of the World Art


Jenni J.

Gena C.

Leah S.

Rick Martijn V.